Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to a "Work in Progress"

This blog has entries from when we designed and built out backyard garden a few short years ago.  Check out the slide show for photos from the last two growing seasons. Clicking on the slide show will take you to the Picassa photo album with all the photos.


  1. You and your wife are dedicated gardeners for sure. Gardening so far north must be such a challenge.

    We have a cabin in Coalmont and I have no idea what to grow in that zone. Morden roses I think?
    Trouble is we are not always there to water.

    I have sent you your Canadian Blogger flag.
    I was also born in Southern Ontario, Windsor to be precise. I am very glad I live in beautiful B.C. now, in the lower mainland.

    I don't see a "Followers" widget here. I was going to sign up to follow your gardening adventures. Are you familiar with it?
    It really is the best way to get your blog name out there.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Lori. I'm brand new to this, so I'll try to put up a 'followers' widget.

    My wife and I were married in Windsor. We moved to Whitehorse from Winnipeg in '92, and decided to retire here. Gardening is a challenge, indeed, but you can see from the slide show, I think, that we're doing just fine. Your cabin in Coalmont would likely benefit from some carefree perennials - I'll try to do a blog entry on that soon.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the flag, Lori.

  4. Hi there welcome to the world of blogging - I think your back yard is amazing! I love your photos