Saturday, October 10, 2009

Late Season Pics

As the summer wore on we started to see some interesting developments in the marigold bed. Over 300 dwarf marigolds (Disco series) had been planted and brought some awesome colors from bright yellow to orange to red. Last year the bed was full of blue and yellow pansies that had dropped plenty of seeds. Over the summer these seeds germinated and by late summer the pansies were in full bloom with the marigolds. Here’s the effect …

Here's the overall effect of the late season garden just before the frosts overtake us ...

The cold September nights have a dramatic effect on the Amur Maple ...

The Cockspur Hawthorn presents us with a similar scarlet color ...

But, alas, all good things must come to an end.  After the killing frosts the annuals are pulled up and the rose garden is put to bed. 


  1. Wow Hank, what fabulous effect in the first bed. I really like the vivid colour combinations, funny how sometimes the unplanned turns out spectacularly well! I would love to have a bed like that. Amur Maples are one of my favorites, they have such a lovely shape, the Hawthorne looks great with the red flowers (poppies?) in the foreground. Great post! :) Rebecca

  2. Thanks, Rebecca. The 'wild' flower bed was a bit of an experiment. We combined a lot of annual seeds accumulated over time and shook them up in a bag, then seeded them in a tray and transplanted clumps directly into the garden. A neat effect - very busy with lots of poppies, cosmos, linaria, matthiola, etc. - and some nice colors. Glad you enjoyed the post. Regards, Hank

  3. What gorgeous pictures and what a beautiful garden you have! I'm impressed by what you manage up so far north - or are my notions about that perhaps wrong? I was interested to read about the method you used to plant the wild flower bed - mixing the seeds and putting clumps from the try into the garden.

  4. Your garden is beautiful. I'm especially fond of the combination of colors and your use of rocks.