Thursday, August 2, 2012

We Have Apples !!

A headline like this would probably not draw a lot of attention in southern climes.  But in Canada’s Yukon Territory, believe me, it’s pretty good news.  We’re not exactly the apple orchard centre of Canada, like perhaps Meaford, Ontario, or Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

So when we get apples on our Norland apple tree, we like to celebrate.  Or just delight in the idea that we can really grow apples here.  Well, at least for a time.  The tree has been producing apples quite faithfully for the past four years, but the sad fact is we run out of summer before the apples actually ripen.  So in the late fall, before the heavy frost ruins them, we bring them inside and ripen them in a cardboard box with newspaper.  Then, some applesauce.

Norland Apple


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