Monday, August 17, 2009

Fence and Gate

Our fence and gate construction project is finally complete!

Our critics say it's 'overkill' because of the method of construction, but it is solid. Each section has a 3/8" plywood core, with 3/4" boards mounted vertically on the front (glued and screwed), and boards mounted horizontally on the back (glued and screwed). This gives us panels almost 2" thick that, when mounted with strong hinges, produces a gate that will definitely not sag. Top rails of 2X4 material, grooved on the underside to accept the panels, complete the construction.  Last summer I accidentally backed the utility trailer into the left side gate and had to pull down the gate for extensive repairs. Our son Kevin says if I back the trailer into this gate, I'll have to do extensive repairs to the trailer.

Of course, the carport gate would not be complete without decoration. We found some tulip clipart on the internet and chose this one to enlarge and paint, adding a nice decorative touch and recognizing the Dutch connection.

As they say, "You're not much, if you're not Dutch!"  (Just kidding, of course.)

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