Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Bird in the Hand ...

Our Pine Siskins are getting very tame, probably because the vertical bird feeder gets topped up with nyger seed at least once a day. Today there were so many at the feeder, I put some seed into my hand and held it near the feeder to see if they would take the seed out of my hand. Here's the result. Photos by Kevin.

Here I'm making the approach. The birds just continue what their doing at the feeder.

Now one is brave enough to land on my hand and check out the nyger seed.

"Yep, it's the same stuff as in the feeder. Awesome!!"

I'm able to lower my hand and the bird just stays.


  1. I had an aunt who could entice birds to eat from her hand, but I have not had any luck. I enjoyed this post, and I'm glad I came to your blog through Blotanical. I have been a member of Blotanical since Nov. 10. It is a great community of gardeners from all over the world. Their blogs are great sources of information and inspiration, as is yours. Come visit Deb's Garden - feel free to ask any questions about Blotanical and how things work.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Deb. And also for the invite to learn more about Blotanical.

    Yes, the birds and I have become pretty good friends. They get so trusting, I can actually run the lawnmower right up to the fence under them and they stay on the feeder. It's either that, or the nyger seed tastes much better than we think.

  3. HI Hank; We have tried and tried to get birds to feed from our hand or just land on us, no luck yet. Liza would be very happy if she could get a Hummingbird to land on her. They buzz her and play games but do not land or take food. We will keep trying and some day it will happen. Tell your photographer we said great job, did it without scaring the birds away.

    Have a great Evening,