Monday, June 30, 2008

Garden hardscape elements

This arbor is one of the main features of the garden. In time, it will be covered with ... I don't know, perhaps Virginia Creeper or a hardy Clematis, or maybe even a climbing rose.

We used steel fencepost anchors, driven into the ground, and then slipped the feet of the arbor into them. It worked great - nice and solid. And it should prevent moisture from deteriorating the wood.

Four hangers were installed for hanging baskets.

Several lattice screens also help provide more interest to the garden design. One hides a large propane tank, and this one covers a large part of the back fence that would look pretty bleak without it. A narrow bed at the bottom holds enough soil to sustain the Canary Bird Vine.

Plastic clips were attached to the main uprights to hold these flower pots filled with Chalon pansies. These pansies are unique because the petals are very frilly, and they are strongly scented.

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